Interview With Will Henshall

The founder of the Company Focus @ Will, William Henshallwill-henshall

His career spans many industries and industries. Interested in technology, the human brain and technology. We probably know him best from the 1990’s hit by the London Beat, “I’ve been thinking about you” (you can watch the video below; he’s the guy playing the guitar).


“Will Henshall is founder of focus@will, a new science based productivity company that uses special kinds of music to help you focus when working and studying”

About The Interview

Will talks in more detail about:

  • How being in a Music Band is very comparable to being in a Start-up Company
  • Rocket Network and Digy-Delivery
  • Neuroscience and Music and what that is all about.
  • How you can improve your attention span up to 400%

Interview Links

The London Beat video

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